Every project begins with an encounter. An encounter between you and us. Through our interactions, we create a place that is similar to telling a story: yours.

Listening is therefore the beginning. Understanding your expectations, getting a sense of your personality, your tastes. Every person is different; every person has an age, a culture, a lifestyle, and obviously a budget. Thus, each project must correspond to its client.

Putting forward suggestions is the core of our job. Our strength is finding layout solutions and optimizing space. Where rational and sensitive intersect, we consider every volume; we strive to find the balance between functional and emotional, to respond to technical requirements by favoring the esthetics provided by a harmony of materials and colors. You will appreciate this approach through each phase of the project’s development: BPD (Basic Preliminary Design), DPD (Detailed Preliminary Design), TP (Tendering Package), AP (Actions Plans).

Providing guidance for successful completion of the project. We oversee the construction work by establishing a weekly onsite meeting to verify architectural compliance. Depending on the project’s requirements and scale, one of our privileged partners will join the team: a licensed architect, an engineer, a general contractor, an economist, a construction site supervisor, furniture and interior design experts…

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