Rémi Giffon

Creative, passionate, and sensitive, Rémi grew up in Annecy. He loves meeting people and being challenged. His love for the mountains and his professional prospective converge on the demanding luxury chalet market.

The valedictorian of his School of Interior Design in Lyon, he acquired extensive experience in small and large architectural agencies in France and abroad.

He spent three years at Wilmotte & Associés agency in Paris, which left quite a mark on him. He learned solid work methods—at the design level as well as the representation level—and decided to develop his own business.

In May 2011, Rémi created his company: Atelier Rémi Giffon, recognized by the C.F.A.I. (the French Council of Interior Architects). The Rhône-Alpes region is his primary area of activity, and he works with professionals and individuals who are looking for a new perspective on their living space.

Rémi pursues his path according to the saying he loves: “Let us be what we are and be that well.”

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