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Chalet Maria

Chalet Maria

Flourishing ideas 

Location: Courchevel 1850

Completion: 2013 

Surface area: 50 m2 

Layout: a master suite on the top floor (fireplace, dressing room, bathroom). 

The brief: 

- Create a master bedroom on the top floor of a 550 m2 chalet

- Incorporate storage and a bathroom

- Bring a luxurious vision to match the authenticity of the setting


Architectural choice: 

With a view to optimising the rental potential, the owners wanted to add a master suite, true to the chalet's high-end aspect. Won over by the box concept suggested by the interior designer, they gave him carte blanche to transform this 50 m2 space. Here, warm materials were used in keeping with the traditional soul of the chalet whilst adding an element of cosiness with old wood on the walls, the headboard in rough wood, the Vals stone tiling or the leather handles. This paved the way to an all-over modernisation using a conceptual approach and new layout without skimping on the metal touches of the profiles and facilities. This refocused space thus offers an airier peripheral vision whilst allowing for a great deal of storage.



Added value of the project: 

The main aspect of this space is the stone finish axial element, dividing it just below the ridge purlin. By modelling the volume and optimising the room, this separation was designed to reflect the different windows and boost the light from many view points. At the same time, it creates a dialogue between the sleeping area and the bathroom, while accommodating the fireplace and the mirror television. The wet room on the other side reveals its generous proportions with its faceted mirror perpetuating this visual measured approach. The more contemporary bathroom incorporates old wood as well as Corian®. The shower, dominated by floor-to-ceiling stone, asserts the close relation of the design to the framework.

A subtle game of interaction between this design and the architecture of the chalet.   


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