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Apartment G.

For 5 or 2… the ever-evolving duplex

Location: Annecy 

Completion: 2009 

Surface area: 120 m2

Layout: Ground floor: entrance, kitchen, dining room, lounge, guest room and guest bathroom - First floor: master suite, bathroom, dressing room, libray, office.   

Partners to project: Project Manager Benjamin Mauris. 

The brief: 

- Knock two bedrooms into one to create a master suite under the roof of 40 m2 

- Renovate the living areas

- Rethink the decoration with the existing furniture in mind


Architectural choice: 

When their children left, the owners called upon the Atelier Giffon expertise to transform the under-roof area into an autonomous master suite, including a dressing room, bathroom, office and library. The owners also seized this opportunity to modernize the living areas, change the materials and shake up the existing decoration. The interior designer started from blank with the two bedrooms on the first floor and redesigned the layout to optimize the 40 m2. On the ground floor, the spaces were reinvented, blending in the original furniture, down to the tulip red colour, characteristic of the Saarinen (Knoll) chair covers, now adorning the fireplace. With the contrast of the white paint, the hearth was enhanced and the atmosphere re-energised. To link the two floors, the interior designer chose Vescom's Veneto cladding, reminiscent in its camel colour of the veining in the fully sanded travertine floor. The "peach skin" texture of the matt surface toys with the grazing natural light making for changing variations bringing the room alive. To tame down the vertical lines in this generous living space, the bespoke glass cabinet provides additional storage and boosts light and depth in the prism of the mirror. A tailor-made integration that can also be found in the entrance, restores, this airlock to its main function. To enlarge the confined space, Rémi arrested the horizontality by extending the line of shelves with a perfectly aligned shadow gap on the doors.    


Added value of the project: 

Upstairs, the master suite has taken over the attic, down to the smallest nooks and crannies. Echoing the nearby Lake Annecy, this partitioned space is inspired by the nautical world with deck-like parquet flooring. The bedroom on the top floor boasts a dressing room to optimise storage built under the slope yet without cluttering. To preserve the natural light entering through the roof window, the interior designer gave preference to a transparent Japanese wall with copper highlights instead of an opaque partition. The bathroom shares a sliding door with the staircase, while the office and library are opposite each other. Rémi conceived a ceiling to create a theme running throughout the rooms as well as to infuse light. 

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