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Appartement J.

Reconnecting with the soul 

Location: Annecy 

Completion: 2013 

Surface area: 220 m2

Layout: Ground floor: entrance, kitchen, dining room, lounge, master suite - First floor: guest room  

Partners to project: Project Manager Benjamin Mauris.

The brief: 

- Create a beautiful master suite with bathroom and dressing room

- Provide overall comfort both in aesthetics and use

- Flatter and brighten the Haussmann-style proportions 

- Furnish the spaces 


Architectural choice: 

Here, Atelier Giffon has restored a consistent functional flow to all the spaces. The main layout has been kept but with a twist in terms of the fittings, furnishings, lighting and coverings. The walls were insulated to improve the thermal and acoustic comfort. Lightened by the all-encompassing white, the flat impresses with its natural light and the emphasis on the visible mouldings. Only the entrance is dressed in a shade of light grey so as to define its primary function. The neighbouring kitchen was completely redesigned by the interior designer who gave it a modern stamp and cutting-edge comfort. Not being able to build spotlights into the ceiling, the interior designer opted for an LED strip on the periphery, creating a lighting effect at a height, then focal lighting inspired by the decorative sources thereby playing with different view points. By being structurally freed from colour, the furniture asserts the main tones in the spaces with red as the common theme. The custom-designed lounge furniture delivers multiple functions such as audiovisual and storage, while creating additional space for the office. Nearby, the night space, originally made up of three bedrooms, was given a complete make-over to accommodate a master suite with dressing room and bathroom, driven by the renovation. 


Added value of the project: 

The 38 m2 master suite is the essence of the project. The bedroom captures the space with modernity, built around the dressing area to the back of the bed. The storage thus becomes structural elements with a finish mastered by the attention to this interior designer's signature detail. The wall of floor-to-ceiling storage boasts millimetre-precision height proportions in line with the stand-alone dressing unit, thanks to layout work marking the boundary between the hinged doors and the upper modules. Alternatively, the spot lights follow the linearity of the openings. The Pure Paper fronts, combined with leather hand grips, embody the sophisticated and elegant identity of the master suite. Just like the bathroom, dressed in white. The stand-out feature of this space is the custom-made central unit housing dual front-facing wash basins facilitating perimeter or face-to-face use. 


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