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Well-being oozing from every pore 


Location: Courchevel 1850

Completion: December 2018   

Surface area: 350 m2  

Layout: Indoor swimming pool of 14 x 5.2 metres – pool surround (for 25 people) – relaxation area of 35 m2 (glazed sauna/hammam/massage room)

The brief: 

- Renovate the existing spa, swimming pool and wellness area   

- - Inject a "mountain/luxury" feel synonymous with the 5-star hotel  

- Animate the spaces and the pool with more contemporary and easy-maintenance materials 


Architectural choice: 

The Annapurna hotel has shone its luxurious aura over the Courchevel 1850 resort since 1970. The establishment began the first phase of its transformation in 2017 with the renovation of the facade. Spurred on from this, it called upon Atelier Giffon in a bid to bring a more contemporary vibe to its spa and wellness area of more than 320 m2. It sits on the snow front and basks in particularly bright light, with its 17 linear metres of bay windows overlooking the ski slopes. Steeped in this context, the interior designer modernised the site to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele. This involved transforming the original predominantly curved pool with new dimensions of 14 x 5.2 metres, now angular and enhanced with brand new stainless steel cladding. This brighter material interacts with the natural light and ceiling draped in a new aerial coat. Working from the initial constraints of the curved wooden beams, the interior architect decided to lighten this up by inserting a slack ceiling, alluding to a snowy sky, while adding to the acoustic comfort and the diffusion of soft light. By redefining the pool, more space was freed up for the surrounding area which can now accommodate up to 25 people. Atelier Giffon also revamped the 35 m2 adjoining relaxation area, with a new glazed sauna and a massage room.   


Added value of the project: 

The interior architect devised a concept of "niches" framed by the existing columns, deliberately accentuated by stone-clad partitioning, in a nod to the hotel's new facade. This is a clever way to make these lounges more private, while enjoying the panoramic view and offering more intimacy, especially by incorporating Bisson Bruneel Fusion glass and textile screens. The old wood tiling in these lounge areas, formerly mere punctuations, now claims back its status. These different materials create architectural matter for a transformed wellness setting gushing with elegance and sophistication.

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