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Maison G.

A haven of peace 

Location: Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d’Or

Completion: 2018 

Surface area: 210 m2

Layout: Ground floor: entrance, kitchen, lounge, boudoir – First floor:  Children's bedroom and bathroom, utility room, master suite (dressing room, bathroom). 

The brief: 

Convert an old farm into a family home  

- Open the house up to the garden by the ground floor conversion 

- Incorporate a lot of storage  

- Design and furnish throughout 


Architectural choice: 

This village house stems from the separation of an old 19th century farmhouse. Stuck in the 1960's, it was given a complete overhaul. Originally, only the first floor was used. To boost the living areas, Atelier Giffon incorporated the cellars and attics which were completely renovated. The living rooms are now naturally on the ground floor and the sleeping areas, upstairs. All these spaces, with the exception of the master suite, overlook the courtyard with the flow in keeping with this L-shaped house, thereby giving an identity to each space. It goes beyond a renovation given the sheer scale of creation involved, from the use of the cellar spaces, to the insulation and the interior design, and a specially designed stairwell to optimise the staircase. 


Added value of the project: 

The living rooms are directly linked to the outside by way of a workshop-like glass roof, radically changing the aspect of the house. The Poliform kitchen, conceived as the nerve centre, is the key player leaving more intimate spaces for the boudoir and the lounge, revealed along the bright corridor. Theatrical perspectives come into play where the vertical and horizontal lines are toned down by the measured rhythm of the Bauwerk parquet floor and the aluminium profiles of the glass roof with the two protagonists interacting directly with the natural light. Thanks to its new interior design, this completely unoverlooked house, in the heart of the village, has resolutely gone back to the basics.  


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