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Maison M.

The other side of the mirror

Location: Annecy-Le-Vieux  

Completion: 2011 

Surface area: 136 m2 

Layout: Basement: garages – First floor: entrance, lounge/fireplace, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom – Second floor: 2 children's bedrooms, a bathroom, office, TV area.

Partner to project Project Manager: Benjamin Mauris

The brief: 

- Transform a 1960s house

- Rework the layout and optimise the space to suit a family of 4

- Extend the kitchen and living room

- Open the space to the view 


Architectural choice: 

Working within this context, Atelier Giffon completely redefined the interior design, leaving only four walls before the renovation to rethink the flow. In order to create a real living room and reinstate the lounge, the interior designer had the idea of incorporating an extension, cantilevered above the garage, increasing, de facto, the living surface area. In this 180° open box, the kitchen and dining area look as if they are virtually hanging above Lake Annecy. This has given a real wow factor to the entrance leading on to the living areas and the master bedroom. Meanwhile, on the first floor, under the roof, the two bedrooms with wet room, the television area and the office show off their roomy proportions. All this was achieved by a mere 10 m2 extension, thereby optimising the space. 


Added value of the project: 

The vertical and the horizontal prompt a subtle dialogue of openness and illusion and the dining room is a shining example of this. To make sure everyone can enjoy the outstanding view to the full, the interior architect thought of reflecting the panorama and natural light through an oversized mirror. By inserting a partition that accommodates additional storage space, this ingenuity was brought to life. Each space becomes clearly identified by controlling the flow. The neighbouring wooden checkerboard wall, tying in the whole idea, animates and tames down the verticality. It also has a functional aspect by skilfully masking the master suite with just the handle giving it away! Being constrained to having the room on this level, Rémi came up with this trick to bring more privacy to the sleeping area. The wood is also echoed in the staircase. These stringless stairs were designed to maximise the space of the lounge and allow it to benefit from the natural light coming through the roof windows. This results in a down-lighting effect making for a real connection between the floors. 


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