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Atelier d'architecture

Overlooking the Mont Blanc

Location: Saint Cyr-au-Mont-d’Or 

Completion: 2018  

Surface area: 70 m2

Layout: An open space, meeting room, kitchen, bathroom  

Meant for: 4/5 people 

Partners to project: Gilles Giacomotti

The brief: 

- Integrate the office into a private residence

- Convert the attic for tertiary use 

- Separate and create ways of access 

- Fit out workspaces 

- Reflect the architectural vision 


Architectural choice: 

Atelier Giffon designed its offices in an old 19th century farmhouse in Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or. More precisely in what was the original attic. The interior design team started from scratch on this 70 m2 space, revealing a glimpse of its know-how. This insulated and partitioned office now has a definite contemporary vibe: half workspace/half flat with kitchen and bathroom giving on to the courtyard and meeting room linked to the open space on the east side. This particular part was designed as a place where interior designers could interact and share their creativity. Alongside this is the meeting/reception room in a more confidential and informal setting. Thus, right from the outset, clients and craftsmen understand the Atelier's architectural approach with its particular ability to generate natural light by incorporating a partition and a smoked glass door, adding roof windows and opening up spaces and flows.


Added value of the project: 

This is a personalised place beckoning you into Rémi's world. From his passion for the mountains (personified by a poster of a climber, mad about the interior designer since childhood), his vision of the profession with bookcases of inspirations and samples... to his taste for designer furniture and materials, scattered here and there. The wooden parquet flooring bears the Atelier Giffon logo, painted by Gilles Giacomotti, vouching for his ability to work with craftsmen of rare and creative talents, aimed at designing projects that venture well out of the ordinary. 


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