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Medical Office

Pushing the boundaries 

Location: Annecy 

Completion: 2013  

Surface area: 130 m2

Layout: Reception desk – multiple waiting room – 2 ophthalmologists’ offices – 1 orthoptist’s office – treatment room  

Partners to project: Project Manager: Benjamin Mauris

The brief: 

-  Design the entire medical practice

- Create communal and individual waiting areas 

- Increase the natural light 

- Design bright offices without natural light 

- Use materials that are easy to clean 


Architectural choice: 

To create this 130 m2 tertiary space and think outside the box, Atelier Giffon had to get up close and personal with the medical world, ophthalmology in particular and stay fully tuned to the requirements of the practitioners. The practice is divided into two distinct areas: one, giving on to the street, dedicated to the reception and administration, and the other focused on treatment. The reception revels in a generous glass facade with an aspect on the environment. As keeping this natural light was central to the project, Rémi designed integrated fittings prioritising transparency, with glass partitions interspersed with an elegant transfer, inspired by the reeds of the nearby Lake Annecy. With there being no specific necessity for natural light in eye care, the three doctors' offices are located in former garages, with no windows to the outside. To boost the comfort aspect, Rémi designed light frames, creating the illusion of a window. This was a clever way of gently increasing the artificial lighting. 


Added value of the project: 

With the skilful use of fittings, Atelier Rémi Giffon has created an optimised traffic flow, whilst defining waiting areas specific to the different doctors. These bespoke integrations divide up the space whilst adding to the interior design, without ever partitioning it. The key feature upholding this design is the double-sided seating unit, made of resistant skaï, while its Dacryl acrylic glass wall, with the inclusion of plants, sets the colour tone on either side. The yellow, on the other hand, injects a bright vitality in contrast with the Flotex floor, chosen for its hygienic properties. 


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